We are Montessori enthusiasts who offer cultural activities in English in Friuli and Sussex for English and Italian audiences. Our teachers are renowned professionals with more than 25 years of teaching experience.

FrancescaGFRANCESCA GELATINI has been running and organising international events for more than 30 years. In Sussex since 2013, she has enhanced her skills and love for healthy food while passionately working as a chef for the Trefoil Montessori Farm School and at the National Trust Standen Barn Café.


CatherineCATHERINE GREENWOOD is a fine artist and a pioneering printmaker. She specialises in non toxic and environmentally friendly materials and natural dyes. Her art practice includes etching, water colouring and pen and ink drawing. She lives in West Sussex and runs the Green Print Studio.


RozannaROZANNA ROBERTS is an experienced tutor for children and adults alike. She trained at the Kent and Sussex Montessori College and has 20 years teaching experience. She is the Deputy Headteacher at the Trefoil Montessori Farm School in East Grinstead.



AlexanderVersatile ALEXANDER WENDT can best combine his personal art production with his exemplary academic practice at the London Metropolitan University and his intimate parenting and teaching experiences in a Montessori context. He has contributed to a multitude of festivals and conferences, from Germany to the UK, from Italy to the USA.